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About us
Aqua Image Inc. was founded in 1998. We are specialized photo library in the field of "water" related subjects. We cover, by photos & video, marine & aquatic fields, the living sea, underwater scenes, nature & environments, global warming, blessings of water, aquatic travels, etc. Over 20 photo libraries represent our images worldwide.

Our tightly edited "collections" of image and video clips are used by advertising houses, production companies, publishing agencies like book & magazine companies, etc. We supply images as "Visual Strategy" to customers toward IT world and ecology.

Combination of photos & video clips perfectly meets the future needs, and again "water" is our concept, which essentially is becoming more important in the coming global water shortage!

Hiroshi Takano, Aquatic photojournalist
Hiroshi Takano
President, Aqua Image Inc. & Aquatic Photojournalist.
He is enthusiastic about marine and aqua life. He takes both photo and video on his aquatic subjects. He is more conscious about change of water environments such as coral reef destructions, shortage of water, global warming. He writes about his subjects on newspapers, magazines and etc.
TV, Congress & Seminars are also his platforms to expose his works. http://takanohiroshi.moo.jp/en/

Audio-Visual Presentation
He sends message by his own method with his visuals, original songs and the guitar playing under the name of "Hiroshi Takano Photo Concert".
For more details: http://takanohiroshi.moo.jp/en/

About photo collections
We have so far six collections under the name of MP1 to MP 6. Also you are invited to see our overall images shown by category. This facilitates and saves your time to find "images". Over 9,000 images are carefully edited out of over 100,000 images by film.
We provide both RM (Right Managed) and RF (Royalty Free).

Collections Category Search

Features/Travel Royalty Free Collection

Video Clips
- Movie, Footage, Motion -
Digital signage, moving POP images, homepage and for other digital advertisements now need not only "still photos" but "video clips" which give more dynamic visual impact on the coming advertisement world. Our "video clips" provide "Standard" to "High Vision" on our handling subjects, especially, marine & aqua life, environments, food culture and water itself.

Order & Download
Please contact us by email first, and then we prepare the images or video clips in accordance with your request. And then download.

e-mail: info@aquaimage.co.jp



B211, 2chome 744-1, Nishi-Izumigaoka, Toyonaka,
Osaka 561-0862, Japan

Pricing & Settlement
We follow international standard pricing and it differs by types of use, from editorial to advertisements. Please ask us about the price. Settlement can be done by bank transfer.

Office Hours
From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in Japan local time. Sat. & Sun. and our national holiday are closed.

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